Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Daily Motivator 11-2-2010

Guaranteed success

No one else can guarantee that you will be successful or fulfilled in your life. And that's what makes success and fulfillment so desirable.

If you wish to experience life's true richness, you must make your own way toward it. Others can lead you and guide you and encourage you, yet no one can do it for you.

You are blessed with the magnificent opportunity to express what it means to be alive in your own unique way. The fulfillment of that opportunity, by very definition, must come from you.

The real meaning of accomplishment is not what you get.
Accomplishment has value because of what you put into it.

Though no one else can guarantee your success, you can guarantee it by making the commitment to do whatever you must do. You can guarantee it with your intention, your focus, your action and your persistence.

Today, tomorrow, in any place, whatever the situation, you can make a difference, for your own life, and for your world. Grab that opportunity, make the most of it every chance you get, and you'll guarantee your own success.

Ralph Marston

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