Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Afternoon in the Blogosphere

I’ll title this photo “Can’t we all get along?” as I’m surrounded by my anti-union colleagues. From the left Lee Carey, Kory Longnecker, Edward, and Tim May. Two weeks ago tonight we worked over six hours with no breaks or lunch, so our asses were dragging in this photograph that was taken by Rick Hernandez.

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C.RENEY said...

No breaks isn't that Unlawful !

Ed Padgett said...

Well Chuck, the likelihood of skipping lunch is high for tonight’s shift as we have ten decks running, and 45 minutes to have the press ready or no lunch! I’ll pass the word for the men and women to brown bag it as CafĂ© Oly is closed on Sunday nights.

C.RENEY said...

May I ask whose fault is it that you cannot take your lunch or 10 minute breaks ?

Rudy h said...

What happened Ed ?.. the three
next to you got offended by the previous responses...