Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thank you for all the hard work gentlemen

Thirty-five year newsprint handler at the Los Angeles Times Mac Miller let go last Friday

The purpose of posts such as this one are to show you there are people losing jobs, not full time equivalents, as we're labeled by our company. Take a look at Mr. Miller's face as the news of him losing his job is sinking in. I went downstairs to give Mac a little comfort last Friday and was immediately informed that Happy Boots has made newsprint handling off limits to me. Yet while reading the employee handbook, I could not find this rule listed? Where's the compassion?

A big thanks to the anonymous reader that supplied the list of employees let go from newsprint handling.

Robert "Bobby" Valdez
Kent Kuenzli
Brian Maceda
Steve Shackleford
Mac Miller


Dude Diligence said...

Years ago I remember driving you home from Anthony's in the wee hours to south central LA. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Good luck Mac, you're a good man. Love you like a brother paperhandler.

Anonymous said...

Feline in Boots thinks he a cop walking the beat. We pay this guy 200 grand to do a job of a 10 dollar an hour guard?