Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon in the Blogosphere

GCC/Teamsters Local 140-N President Ronnie Pineda (L) with Jesse De Geytere


morethanubrgn4 said...

The Fishbowl article states that 103 pressroom positions were eliminated since the union came in. The actual number is more like 133. 31 people in March 2008 let go (27 presspersons and 4 utilities) 63 let go April 09 and 39 let go in March 2010 for a total of 133. Ten more were let go in Sept 2011 but I did not factor them in because they were originally counted in the previous layoffs. No raises for four years and no severance for 39 of the laid off. That's a real bang up job the union has done for the pressroom workers!

Anonymous said...

Come on Man! morethanubrgn4, What do you expect for a lousy $65 a month? A real contract? Protection? A raise? Better shifts? Next time!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everything that happened to the Press Room is happening in other departments. Call in sick during the week and work 6th day overtime becomes straight time. Differential pay gone. Now they have lost a 5th week vacation temporarily. Except the Union, and since when does anything you've lost here come back?
At least with a Union you go down swinging instead of crying.