Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Conversation with Eric Weiner

Lisa Napoli with Eric Weiner

Last night I attended the Live Talk LA event in Santa Monica courtesy of Kevin Roderick, and it was well worth the forty-five mile drive each way from San Dimas.

I didn’t even note the title of Eric Weiner’s new book as all the events of this type have always been a blast, as well as informative. The book is titled "Man Seeks God: My Flirtations with the Divine,”

Moments after the conversation began Mr. Weiner mentioned that he helped feed the homeless during the Christmas Season, and how good he felt afterwards, he immediately had my full attention as I help feed the homeless every Sunday with Sammy Maloof and friends.

What I assumed would be a forty-five minute conversation turned into ninety minutes, which felt like thirty minutes, as Mr. Weiner was extremely interesting as he explained his research into the different religions around the globe. He said there are nine thousand four hundred and eighty-eight different religions, which he focused on a handful.

But one statement stuck in my mind, he said religious people are happier than non-religious people.

I would highly recommend reading his book, which I didn’t buy last night due to the long line of readers buying the book. Instead I departed with Bianca to grab something to eat.

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