Monday, January 09, 2012

Don Reese Update

(From left) Bill Conover, Terry Domingo, Edward, and Don Reese

Just heard from Don Reese’s brother Dino regarding Don’s condition and appears his battle with cancer is about to come to an end. In Dino’s own words:

"Hi Ed and Rudy,

My name is Dino Reese I'm Don Reese's younger brother, I found you through a google search that turned up Ed's LA times blog. Ed thanks a million for keeping people updated on Don's status. I wanted to let you know that Don is preparing to leave us all here after his long health battle. As of today the doctors have given him 2 weeks I'm sorry to say. Please feel free to keep in contact with me for details and to keep this friends in pressroom informed. Please take my number posted at the end of this email and feel free to call me at any time for any reason. I live in Oregon and am a self employed computer technician therefore my voice mail will sound business like, if you reach it you will know it's myself. Please leave a message if you need anything for any reason. I will call you back if no one answers.

Please pass this information on to Matt Turnbow and Billy and have them call me or email me at their connivance. I will do my best to aid and assist you with anything I can help you with, feel free to contact me for any reason".

Most Warm Regards,

Dino Reese
email: dino.reese AT

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