Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photos from Skid Row Los Angeles

A few months after my son Bryan was killed while street racing in Azusa I met Sammy Maloof and Janeen Ferdinand, and from the beginning of our relationships they welcomed me into their circle with open arms and hearts. I kept the two at a distance, not certain I wanted what they offered to me at no cost, unconditional love.

On November 13th, 2011 I joined the Sammy Maloof Racing Team on Skid Row and photographed what I witnessed, and I have been at their sides every Sunday since then.

Janeen requested I begin taking photos of the nearby streets to give people an idea of the need, and the need is great as the Midnight Mission and Union Rescue Mission are over flowing with hungry and homeless Americans. Stay tuned, as I will add many more pictures to my Skid Row Collection on Flickr every Sunday night.

And big hat tip to the Los Angeles Times for the extensive coverage of the homeless living on the cold streets of Los Angeles.

Mark Lacter: Bad times for L.A. nonprofits that help people in need

Sandy Banks: On skid row, helping the most needy of the 99%

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