Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pontiac Advertising (1935)

Produced for showing to Pontiac automobile dealers. Describes the advertising campaign undertaken by Pontiac to promote the 1935 models in a variety of media: promotional booklets and brochures, newspapers, magazines and radio. A subplot shows a family whose members each express their desire for a new car in unintentionally humorous closeups; the husband and father pleases everyone immensely by purchasing a new one. Although the family looks at it offscreen and shows their pleasure, the new car is never seen. Stock shots include: a relief map of the United States with many little animated radio transmitters emitting animated waves; various shots of men and women of different classes and demographics reading magazines such as the New Yorker, Fortune, Town and Country, Time and Collier's; a rich man hailing a taxicab; hands picking up Pontiac brochures from a table until the pile is exhausted; inserts of various Pontiac newspaper advertising dummies; newspapers being printed on the printing press and coming off the press.

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