Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Trinity Crosspoint Church

Trinity Crosspoint Church_110Trinity Crosspoint Church_012Trinity Crosspoint Church_003Trinity Crosspoint Church_005Trinity Crosspoint Church_006Trinity Crosspoint Church_007
Trinity Crosspoint Church_009Trinity Crosspoint Church_010Trinity Crosspoint Church_051Trinity Crosspoint Church_012Trinity Crosspoint Church_017Trinity Crosspoint Church_018
Trinity Crosspoint Church_019Trinity Crosspoint Church_020Trinity Crosspoint Church_021Trinity Crosspoint Church_022Trinity Crosspoint Church_025Trinity Crosspoint Church_026
Trinity Crosspoint Church_028Trinity Crosspoint Church_031Trinity Crosspoint Church_032Trinity Crosspoint Church_033Trinity Crosspoint Church_034Trinity Crosspoint Church_038

Trinity Crosspoint Church, a set on Flickr.

Sammy Maloof this morning at Worldwide Trinity Reprographics, which is located at 26820 Adams Ave Ste 100 Murietta CA, 92562. He shared what it's like to be a stuntman on the sets of movies like Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Fast and Furious and many others, along with prayer and wisdom principles straight from the Bible on "How To Win In The Workplace." This wonderful full service print company is doing GREAT things around the world!

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