Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Morning in the Blogosphere

Patt Morrison meets the Blogging Pressman

Paper pays blogger $500 after lifting his story - Romenesko

L.A. Youth to Remain Open Through the Summer - Fishbowl LA

Why Can’t CEOs Do the Math on Their Pay? - Frying Pan News

DealChicken | A switch to commission-only sales? - Gannett Blog

Man serves 1 million sandwiches to Skid Row residents - Daily News

Audience Expands As Business Contracts - Newspaper Death Watch

FP Newspapers Inc. Reports First Quarter 2012 Results - MarketWatch

NYT will close gap between ad revenue losses, circulation gains - Poynter

City and Business Owners in a Skid Row Storage War - LA Downtown New

Newspapers, Subscription TV and Worker's Wages All Show Decline - MediaCaster

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