Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bob Bagwell Leaving the Los Angeles Times

 Former Los Angeles Times Publisher David Hiller with Bob Bagwell on the right.

I hear things are not going well for the Los Angeles Times, and judging from the size of my Times that hits my driveway daily, it's rather easy to see advertising is disappearing from the hard copy.

As the newspaper makes every attempt at staying afloat the ax has fallen on one of the longest careers at the newspaper, Bob Bagwell will be leaving the newspaper on August 10th, 2012. Mr. Bagwell will have marked sixty-five years at the newspaper on August 4th, unfortunately he will be leaving.

Can you imagine the changes Mr. Bagwell experienced in sixty-five years at the newspaper, which also brings to mind, that the majority reading this were not even alive when he began his decades of service for the newspaper.

We wish Mr. Bagwell the best in retirement.


Anonymous said...

The axe has fallen or is he voluntarily retiring?

Ed Padgett said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeez, when I was holding the fly down back in '72, Bags already had TWENTY-FIVE years in. When I saw this I was amazed. Way to hang in there Bob!

Jim Robertson

LaLaLand said...

Hey Ed I know of 3 more guys they can get rid of wanna guess ????

Ed Padgett said...

This is one of several emails regarding Mr. Bagwell.

Last nite (NAME REMOVED)was telling me that Bob Bagwell came back from vacation and was told that August 10th, I think was going to be his last day. They're letting him go. John asked me to tell you.