Thursday, July 12, 2012

Los Angeles Art Walk Stage for Occupiers Protest

I was very excited to attend the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, Brady Westwater is one of the biggest promoters, and I did my best to find him with no luck. Had a quick dinner just feet from where the Occupy Los Angeles Group planned to organize their Chalk Walk Protest, they took over both sidewalks of Spring Street just South of Fifth Street. The image below was used as an advertisement for tonight's protest on Facebook.

As I sipped on a black coffee outside The Last Bookstore many police officers on motorcycles and in cars descended to 5th and Spring Streets, with lights blaring and sirens wailing. The bicycle police and private security, on bicycles also rushed to the area of protest. Several of the protesters were arrested before the police left the scene, only to return once again as the crowd grew in numbers and increased their din of protest slogans. This wasn't what I had in mind before attending tonight's event, which I won't forget anytime soon.

Spring Street at 5th was closed a third time and I thought it would wise to leave the area for the safety of home. This was my first visit to the Art Walk, and I plan to return again, as it should be a bit quieter next time.

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