Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday Night in the Blogosphere

This is Skid Row Los Angeles at 6th and San Julian Streets

The S.F. press of old - newsrooms gone wild - SF Gate

'Onion' digital strategy is no laughing matter - USA Today

Purchase the Los Angeles Times for the People - Huff Post

Welcome to the Newsroom History Project - Newsroom History

I Was a Communist in Bill O’Reilly’s Dreams - Frying Pan News

Digital revolution takes hold of publishing industry - Albion Pleiad

The newsonomics of 2014 for the German press - Nieman Journalism Lab

Capturing the world through photography, video and multimedia - LA Times

National Newspaper Week aims to show importance of print - Alexcity Outlook

Newspapers have suffered a lot of embarrassment - Newspapers and Technology

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