Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jobs on the Brink: Will They Evolve or Go Extinct?

Newspaper deliverer: Tossed to the curb?

A newspaper route was once a pre-dawn suburban rite of passage, but then the digital age dawned.

No more homeowners climbing ladders to retrieve yesterday's news from the gutter or drying out the sports section across the family room floor.

Verdict: Extinct. Newspapers are but a click away on our computers, making the accuracy of the neighbor boy or girl's aim less impactful to our understanding of world events (and our choice of bathrobe or boxers of less interest to our neighbors).

The truly enterprising paperboy has put his door-to-door skills to work building a lawn mowing empire.


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Exec V.P. Chuck Reney said...

why dont newspapers print what people want to hear???? be controversial..tell the truth