Saturday, August 02, 2014

Eddy Hartenstein steps down as publisher of the Los Angeles Times

The Chicago Tribune put it's story about beginning a new corporate era as Tribune Publishing behind the firewall. Fortunately, that doesn't stop me. The big takeaway? No journalists on the new board. 
Eddy Hartenstein steps down as publisher of LAT. He becomes non executive chairman of Tribune Publishing board on Monday. (Non executive chairman exist to serve as counterweight to CEO, who in this case will be Jack Griffin.) Hartenstein will make $200,000 annually.
Other board members:
"•David Dibble, the top technology executive at Yahoo from 2008-13.
"•Philip Franklin, chief financial officer of Littelfuse Inc., a Chicago-based manufacturer of electronic components.
"•Renetta McCann, chief talent officer at Chicago-based ad agency Leo Burnett.
"•Ellen Taus, chief financial officer of The Rockefeller Foundation and a former publishing executive."

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