Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Night in the Blogosphere

Los Angeles skyline as seen from the Teamster Hall parking area

Advocate Buys Parish Weeklies - My New Orleans

What could social journalism do for Ferguson? - Jeff Jarvis

Do Print Spinoffs Spell Death of U.S. Newspapers? - TheWrap

Carl Icahn Discloses Stake in Gannett, Supports the Split - Zacks

Guild battling bosses over byline quota at Pioneer Press - Robert Feder

American Media's financial story needs a new rewrite - The Deal Pipeline

Why beggars are a problem for Vienna's street paper - The Local Austria

New Haven Independent staff takes its first vacation in nine years - Romenesko

Do you remember when newspapers thought it was important? - Chicago Reader

Gannett cribs from Advance Publications playbook for struggling newspapers - CJR

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