Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Los Angeles Times Jim Newton leaving for UCLA

Subject: Editorial Pages Update

After 25 years at The Times – his anniversary was last week -- Jim Newton is leaving to take a job at UCLA. Jim has been a journalist of the first rank, an immensely supportive co-worker, a great friend to many of us, and a role model as well. He’s a doggedly hard worker, an extraordinarily fast writer, a clear and incisive thinker and a stalwart Times partisan.
We all know his resume: He’s been a reporter, bureau chief and editor. He served as editorial page editor and, most recently, as the paper’s editor-at-large, writing a weekly column about Los Angeles politics. What’s truly amazing is that he not only racked up well over 2,000 bylines during his years at the paper, but also found time, in between, to write biographies of Earl Warren and Dwight Eisenhower. His third book, written with former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, will be published this week.
Jim has moderated countless debates and made innumerable television and radio appearances. He’s taught journalism students and helped re-write ourethics code. He was part of The Times’ Pulitzer-winning coverage of the L.A. riots in 1992 and the earthquake of 1994.
His accomplishments are many, too long to list. But mostly, Jim’s been a warm and generous colleague. Congratulations to UCLA for snagging him, but he’ll be sorely missed here.
Austin and Nick

Austin Beutner is the current publisher of the LA Times
Nicholas Goldberg is the editor of the editorial page in the Times

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