Friday, January 30, 2015

Tribune Media increasing parking rates for Los Angeles Times Employees

Tribune Media's Real Estate management firm to charge $50 a month for Spring Street garage and $60 a month for the Second Street garage. At end is oh-so-helpful contact info for ride sharing.
Oh, just finished reading the Q&A: If you forget your company ID, you have to pay full parking rate with no hope of a refund.

CBRE, the real estate company that manages Times Mirror Square, is raising parking rates for the Spring Street and 2nd Street garages. To ease the transition for employees, The Times will cover the cost increase for the first quarter of the year. As a result, the rate change will not affect you until April 1. At that point, you will be responsible for the full parking fee.
The new charges are flat rates of $50 per month at the Spring Street garage and $60 per month at the 2d Street garage.
Please note: The Times had no role in the decision to raise parking rates. Tribune Media, our former parent company, retained ownership of all real estate holdings when Tribune Publishing was spun off as a separate public company last year. CBRE was retained by Tribune Media to manage the building, and this is entirely a CBRE decision, as explained in their attached announcement.
The method of payment for parking in the two garages is also changing. In the past, you paid via after-tax payroll deductions every two weeks. We are shifting to pre-tax deductions from the first paycheck of each month.
To continue to pay via payroll deduction, you will need to sign and return an updated payroll deduction form to Christopher Razniewski at by Feb. 27.
Alternatively, you can pay CBRE directly. Please contact General Manager Kimberly Thornton at 231-237-4744 or for details on this option. Note: If this is your preference, please inform Christopher Razniewski at by Feb. 27.
We are also providing a FAQ (attached) with public transportation and ridesharing information for those interested in researching commuting options. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact Kimberly Thornton at 231-237-4744 or
Thank you,
Renata Simril
Chief of Staff to Publisher & CEO
Los Angeles Times
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