Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Union Negotiations at the Los Angeles Times

With union negotiations going on the eighth month with the Los Angeles Times, my friend cartoonist Dan Rosandich, felt we needed a bit of humor to ease the dryness.

Visit Dan's website for cartoons to add to your newspaper at Dans Cartoons.


Anonymous said...

"a spot is a spot" is what you hear from lower senority pressman when someone gets canned, laid off or dies. heard it many times when you got fired.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed has russ started to fume yet ??

Anonymous said...

Glad my cartoon fit your content Ed. It's great seeing you actively promote the newspaper industry and the goings on with the LA Times. Newspaper feature editors and publishers of weekly newspapers can easily acquire my cartoons for use in their publication . . . and unlike a syndicate, I don't complicate things by contracting editors. I offer thousands of <a href="http://danscartoons.com/cartoons-for-newspapers/>cartoons for newspapers</a> that can be published in packages, based on the number of cartoons your paper needs.