Saturday, May 16, 2015

Healing Prayers Needed for my friend Larry Cornwall

As Journey Revisited set their equipment up at The Viper Room last night I ran across a disturbing message from my friend Larry Cornwall. Larry is a well know musician in the tribute band scene, and is best know for his tribute to Alice Cooper with his group Alice in Cooperland. Extremely friendly with all his fans and very talented in bringing joy to the large audiences he entertains. I'm sending prayers for his complete recovery, and I hope you will do so also. The message below is from Larry.

Larry Cornwall wrote:

I have been in the hospital and they have determined that there is a mass in my brain larger than a golf ball.

My speech has been slurred and garbled. The doctors were hoping it was sarcoidosis, which is in my lungs. Unfortunately it's been determined that a I have malignant tumor in my brain.

I will keep fighting as I always do. 

Thank you for all your friendship and support. I thank of all of my family.
I am having a biopsy in my brain on Monday.

Please don't ask about shows yet I don't know the status. Of course I want to be back as soon as possible.

I really will be bummed it looks like I need to cut my hair for the first time. I'll need to have to donate it to some one.

Or maybe I can make a wig for myself.

it's been a tough year but I have a lot to be thankful for. My incredible family. I have traveled the world and met great new and old friends. My Baja and fishing has been world class.

I wish you the best of luck and life.
Be good to everyone.

I hope to see you soon at one of the shows. If not I hope to see you guys on the other side.

Love you

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of Larry -- went to school with him in Elgin, IL and remember him well for his fine drumming skills and his obsession -- which I shared -- with The Beatles ... and just for being a truly nice guy.