Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A message from Tom Johnson, former LA Times' publisher

From: Tom Johnson
Date: September 12, 2015 at 7:30:26 AM EDT
To: [Austin]
Subject: A message from a former Times' publisher

Dear Austin:

Thank you for your splendid leadership of Los Angeles Times.

Your strategy was exactly what The Times needs in this rapidly changing media world.

You were well on your way to restoring The Times to a position of journalistic, operational and financial excellence.

From multiple sources within The Times and within the Southern California community, I know of your incredible efforts.

To see your leadership abruptly ended‎ by Tribune is both tragic and very sad.

Reversing the dynamic momentum you had ignited is reprehensible.

If Tribune implements another round of severe expense cuts, that action likely will weaken rather than strengthen The Times.

I so hope that Tribune ultimately will recognize the critical need to place The Times back into Southern California ownership.
Seeing you once again as Publisher---with strong Los Angeles‎ owners supporting you---would be the way to secure a successful future for the newspaper we both love.
As Otis Chandler's successor and close friend, I believe he would have been most happy with your excellent leadership of "his Times."

Thanks again. You sure tried!


Tom Johnson
Publisher, 1980-1990

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