Saturday, October 10, 2015

Non-disparagement clause in Tribune Buyout

By Anonymous,

Just received the Trib buyout package. One thing jumped out--the non-disparagement clause. Read it closely. They can go after you and your money if you ever say or write or hint anything bad about Tribune. This may be illegal in CA; maybe buyout folks can club together for legal advice on this [Joseph Cotchett in SF handled the 401k suit against Tribune and might be useful].… 

Also, if you're considering the buyout, you might be eligible for unemployment. Last time Trib 'did not oppose' unemployment benefits, according to someone who took it, and a buyout may be legally equivalent to a layoff.


Anonymous said...

Yes you can collect and EDD does not care about separation packages. If you receive a monthly check you also ccollect your unemployment check. Your application starts the day you leave.

Bob in LA said...

If anybody wants to ask me about my time at The Times I'm willing to speak. I didn't sign any non-disparagement clause. (Of course, I didn't get a buyout a year ago.)