Sunday, April 17, 2016

Los Angeles Skid Row- The Emergency That Cannot Wait

The video, titled “Emergency,” contains disturbing images of inhumane conditions on public sidewalks with vivid descriptions of Skid Row as told by the people who live and work there.

We cannot rely on 10- and 20-year plans, the urgency is here now. Lives are at risk now. Violence, addiction and rampant illness are a crisis that can’t wait a decade to be solved. 

This is not compassion. Los Angeles is not the city of angels as long as Skid Row remains the way it is today.

For nearly three decades CCEA has been the voice of DTLA’s industrial district, representing property owners in the 49-block area that includes Skid Row. CCEA hopes this video will bring the immediacy of Skid Row’s crisis into focus for the entire city and beyond.

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You know, the great Ed isn't off-base. Except that downtown LA is going down the tubes, In my view, I'm thinking that cleaning the tents off the downtown sreets is probably best. Except that Ed as been there and experienced it first-hand. Does feeding the homeless lead to gatherings where they're fed? I know that Ed isn't talking about homeless who camp near the Olympic Plant. I hope.