Friday, May 27, 2016

Stamp Your Good - Test Program

Please Donate Throughout the Month of May!

Donate fresh food…from anywhere

This year, the Stamp Out Hunger® Food Drive will accept online food donations for hunger organizations.  “StampYourGoodis being provided through Food Drive partner Amp Your Good.

Amp’s online “Crowd-Feeding” platform makes it easy to donate fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food.

How it works: Make an online donation to Stamp Out Hunger anytime in May.
·                     Select the city/area you want to support
·                     Pick out and purchase the food you want to buy
·                     The food will be delivered for you at the end of the Stamp Out  Hunger drive
·                     You’ll get a tax receipt for your donation
For more information about Amp Your Good and Crowd-Feeding, visit

Again please go to our website StampYourGood.comanytime between now and May 31st to donate.    Thank you !

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