Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sad News, "Happy Boots" leaving the Los Angeles Times

Senior Vice President of Operations and Distribution, Greg Malcolm, will be escorted to the exit at the Los Angeles Times Production Facility this Wednesday. Rumor has it, pizza and soft drinks will be served in the press room lobby, unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I'm banned from all Los Angeles Times properties.

Malcolm began his career at the Los Angeles Times as Director of Operations in April, 2006 for eleven years before taking his current position at the newspaper of Senior Vice President of Operations and Distribution.

From Malcolm's Linked In account:

Streamlined management structure, expanded & redefined responsibilities, improved efficiency and reliability while optimizing revenue. 
Significantly reduced operating expenses, reduced waste and improved facility reliability including achieving the lowest workers comp reserves in company history.
Malcolm achieved many goals and streamlined management extremely well, and streamlined himself out of a job. Malcolm was one of the three reasons the Teamsters were able to represent the press room, and he will be sorely missed by a few employees.

Malcolm was given the nickname "Happy Boots" for his cowboy boots he wore while working, and for some reason frowned every-time I greeted him with his favorite nickname.

I wish Greg "Happy Boots" Malcolm the best after he departs from the newspaper.


LaLaLand said...

ED are you sure it wasn't Puss n Boots ?

Anonymous said...

Word has it he is not leaving till the 3rd week of august

Anonymous said...

working in the printing pressroom is soo simple and fun. i call it romper room

Anonymous said...

Hope he has a B plan and takes that irritating no good for nothing Roundtree.