Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Night Linkage

L.A. Times Stops Auto-Delivering T.V. Listings
We still get the print edition of our local paper, the Los Angeles Times, although increasingly I find it hard to justify killing the rain forests in order to do so. Since I was a child here in Los Angeles, a linchpin of my experience of the Sunday L.A. Times has been TV Times, the paper’s facsimile of TV Guide.

Tribute Company Meltdown
The board of the Tribune Company voted unanimously on Thursday to restructure two partnerships that may lead the way for a possible sale or breakup of the company. The decision comes on the heels of a protracted dispute between shareholders and the editorial side of two of the company’s most high-profile assets: the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.
Staff writers at the Los Angeles Times report that Thursday’s board meeting named a committee whose purpose would be to study “alternatives for creating additional value for shareholders.”

L. A. Times Continues Its Rebellion Against Tribune Owners
The Tribune Company, which has been trying to cut costs at its newspapers around the country, including the Baltimore Sun, Newsday and the Los Angeles Times, is still facing intense opposition from the editor and publisher at the Times, but is so far not taking that final step--removing the management at that paper. The Tribune' is responding to demands from shareholders unhappy with the company's performance, but the Times has already cut a number of positions in the past few years and the newspaper's management team fears that more cuts would damage the paper irreparably.

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