Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tribune in the News

Tribune CEO Defends Management of LA TIMES (Benton Foundation)

Can good newspaper journalism make money? (Rational Review)

Pressure Builds On Tribune To Sell L.A. Times (The Huffington Post)

LA Times Editor Plays Hardball With Tribune Co (Daily Dog)

L.A. Times editor balking at job cuts (Canadian Journalist)

Geffen Makes An Offer for LATimes (Wonky Muse)

The Lost Angeles Times: Mutiny On The Not-So-Bountiful (Hugh Hewitt)

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Anonymous said...

For Hewitt, it never was a matter of liking or not liking the times. He's a conservative lawyer with a a strong evangelical religious background. So to him, there will always be a good/ bad and a black/white. In this case, anyone who supports the Times is an "uber liberal" though the Pressmen (who care very much) would hardly call themselves that.

That he doesn't give a hoot about the Times bespeaks his life down there in Irvine, where the OC Register is the canary cage liner of choice.

It cracks me up with people that wealthy try to use what they think is 'blue collar' tactics to gain ground with people who are on hourly wage.

Try again, Hugh. Maybe roll up your sleeves, get out the weed whacker and clear the back lot.