Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Ice House

Took a break this evening and visited The Ice House. My friend Tina Kim was opening up for (what's called) The Headliner. I must say, Tina was the best that I've ever seen her. Quite frankly, she should've been the main attraction!

My thoughts are that she's coming into her own! Took my advice and dressed beautifully, modified her act and absolutely BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN!!!! She used some of her previous material, but modified it to capture the audience. In a nutshell, she was OUTSTANDING! I was quite proud of her.

For those of you who has seen her previous shows, you'll want to see her NOW! She's now a WOMAN!

Please support her. She's going places!


Ed Padgett said...

I was tempted to go last night but opted to head straight home last night.

Maybe I'll catch her return to the Ice House next time.

Jess Espinoza said...

Sounds good, I'll see you there.