Friday, February 02, 2007

Nominations for the Union Negotiating Team

Nominations for the union negotiating team begin soon, with meetings on Monday (Feb. 12th) for the Orange County Plant, and Tuesday (Feb. 13th) for the Olympic Plant. Three representatives from each plant will be elected to represent the presspersons, one from each of the three shifts.

If you would like to be considered for the negotiating team you have two options, you must be present at one of the meetings, or you can have a message brought to one of the two meetings stating your desire to be part of the team.

I’m taking it for granted this will be a five-minute process, but I could be wrong.

Locations and maps to each site can be found by clicking on the links.

For Orange County Employees
Round Table Pizza 714-839-0276
11095 Warner Avenue
Fountain Valley
11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

For Olympic Employees
Shakey’s Pizza 323-263-9177
2023 Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Los Angeles
11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

No matter how you feel about the union at the Los Angeles Times it would be wise to get involved, or a select few will dictate our future.


Jess Espinoza said...

It better not take much longer than 5 minutes, the swing shift starts at 1:00 PM and many long time employees like to arrive well in advance of their start time.

Anonymous said...

Hey lets go to the pizza joint and figure this out. PEACE real organized TEAMSTERS BABY what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie Pineda said...

The process to nominate an individual does not require you to stay any longer than it takes to do just that. For example, if you Jess were being nominated,and were willing to accept a nomination, all you would be required to do is stop by to go on record and accept your nomination. Or you can have a letter signed by you accepting your nomination delivered to the location on your behalf. Thats all.

We are allowing plenty of time for anyone who wishes to place and or accept a nomination to do so.
There are (2) seperate times for each location so everyone has an opportunity to participate.

The 11:00 am session will last til 2:00 pm to give any individuals who work the AM shift to participate. The afternoon crews will have plenty of time to stop by on their way to the shop. If not, the evening session that begins at 7:00 pm and will last til 9:00pm which will give the the night shift their time to participate as well prior to their shift.

I strongly suggest everyone take the time to decide who they feel would best represent all of us in negotiations and realize that this is a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

MR.OC said...

Ronnie you can be the ring leader. You can take your flock of sheep off the cliff with you.


MR.OC said...

Ronnie I will buy you a pepperoni pizza. Its the least we can do.


MR.OC said...

Ronnie, Usted es insensato. ¿Horas cu├íntas trabaja usted dentro de una semana?


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys ordered double-sausage on those pizzas. You're going to be getting the big sausage often so you might as well start getting use to it now.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean " getting use to it " we've already been given the sausage