Monday, April 16, 2007

Media Links

L.A. needs two big newspapers - Los Angeles Times
Tribune intends to reduce it's staff - Tribune Employees Talk


Kanani said...

I was supposed to be at the festival on Sunday, but The Writerly Pause just got granted an interview with mystery writer Marcia Talley.

I want to go on Saturday, but I've got a full docket already. So I'm not sure. Who are you going to be driving around? Is there room on the cart?

Anonymous said...

Forgive the sentiment but somehow this pales in comparison to the tragic loss of life at VT and abroad....

Kanani said...

Anonymous, Sorry we didn't get to that on the blog yesterday. but believe me, I was fully aware and was helping a friend who lives here but has loved ones near that campus. I also followed it on several VT student blogs in the morning.

But at 2 p.m., I had a total hard drive crash. Everything was lost. Until 10 p.m. I had no computer.

But we've covered it today and having fully become cognizant of all the events.

And all of us mourn.