Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Los Angeles Times Blogs

It’s rather apparent newspapers are moving resources to online editions at an ever increasing pace, including the Los Angeles Times. Several blogs have stopped publishing at the Times, while five new blogs have been added the past few weeks, all dependent, on user traffic.

The Times blogs that have not published online for more than a month have been removed, and the five new blogs have been added to the list of Los Angeles Times Blogs, located at the left column of this blog.

Here are the new blogs:

The Daily Mirror - Larry Harnisch. The leading Black Dahlia expert and a collaborator in the 1947project, Harnisch has been a copy editor at The Times since 1988. He has appeared on many TV shows discussing the Dahlia case, notably "James Ellroy's Feast of Death."
Join him for a spin through old Los Angeles in the Mirror's radio car. Keep your eyes open for Mickey Cohen and Tempest Storm. It's quite a ride.

Show Tracker - 24 - America's Next Top Model - American Idol - Battlestar Galactica -
Dancing With the Stars - Gilmore Girls - Grey's Anatomy - Heroes - House - Lost -
Real World - The Office - The Shield - The Sopranos - Ugly Betty

The Phil Spector Trial - Daily updates from the courtroom.

LA Plaza - News, Links & Observations about Latin America from Times correspondents.

LA Land - Peter Viles: In 20 years as a journalist, Peter Viles has covered Wall Street, the economy, the dot-com boom and bust, crime, politics, the occasional wildfire, and, whenever possible, college football. He has worked as a reporter for the Associated Press and CNN, and has written for Variety and The New York Observer. He lives in Santa Monica with his wife, fashion designer Stacy Johnson, and their two children.

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