Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Time For Blogging Today

In case you have not noticed I have moved to the morning shift at the newspaper, which makes it rather hard to blog while the printing press churns out thousands of copies of the Los Angeles Times Sunday edition. With so many newspapers to print this morning, we ran into overtime, which completely spent my free time I assumed I would have this afternoon.

As I run out the door in an attempt to make the Los Angeles Press Club party in Hollywood, I shall return tomorrow with regular scheduled programming.

And lastly, I will make every possible attempt at removing the spyware that seems to have slipped onto my server tomorrow after work. If this is not possible, I’m considering a different program for the blog, such as Movable Type.

Have a great night everyone, I will…


Anonymous said...

What spyware is that?

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I left Movable Type for WordPress and highly recommend WP

Ed Padgett said...

Thanks Joz,

David Markland also recommended Wordpress. The nasty popups have either taken a break here, or I removed the file creating all the popups?

Let's see what happens the next few weeks before I move away from Blogger.

Anonymous said...

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