Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freak Storm Strikes Los Angeles

As I quickly removed my work uniform for my street clothing after completing my shift in the pressroom, thoughts of dropping the top in my car and cruising the thirty-one miles home with the air flowing over my head made me hurry a bit more. As I opened the fire doors to exit the building my mouth dropped open as I was stunned to see how quickly the weather had changed in a mere thirty minutes.

The old saying that the sky had opened was an under statement this afternoon, as it was coming down so quickly my colleagues and I remained in the dry corner of the exit, waiting for the rain to subside long enough to reach our cars without becoming drenched.

After waiting an eternity of five minutes or so we said “Too hell with this” and took off as if we were running in the Olympics’, in a mad dash to reach our cars without having our clothes soaked.

I shot a one minute video of the downpour, but was unable to connect to the Internet all day, due too the storm I assume?


Kanani said...

Traffic was REALLY bad! It took me 90 minutes to get from the 405S/55N to Fullerton today.

Katherine said something funny. She said at lunch they had really "fat rain!"

Wolf said...


I was stuck on the 10 FWY for 1Hr 45min from San Gabriel Blvd to Puente Ave. This morning the same drive took me 8 min.

What a day!

Anonymous said...

I left L.A. for the Pacific Northwest 13 years ago so... welcome to the club!


Eddo said...

The headline is off a bit. It should have read FREAKS STORM THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. It' just my humble opinion, but, me thinks the FREAKS were Mark Kurtich, Wayne Bean, Gwen Murakami, Diane Smith, Alma Perez and Celina Green.