Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mayhem at the Times Orange County Facility

The action never stops at the Los Angeles Times, the night side production employees at our Costa Mesa Production Facility will attest to this by the fistfight they witnessed between two men Friday morning.

One version of the story claims a pimp and his hooker were chasing a john in their car, and the car race ended at the Los Angeles Times Orange County Plant’s South gate, which is not manned by anything other than a security camera.

As the men proceeded to fistfight, the one man losing the fight retreated to what he thought would be the safety of the Times parking lot, but was soon caught by the other man who commenced to beat the other man over a disagreement with the hooker.

A pressroom shift supervisor attempted to intervene, and was punched and knocked to the ground for his efforts, which prompted two additional employees to jump into the fray and subdue the men, till the Costa Mesa Police arrived and placed the two men and the women into custody.

An anonymous Times Orange County Employee sent this over:

pretty wild action at oc plant friday morning 3 am 5/9/08
- car pulls up to south coast gate at oc
- mexican guy runs into plant parking lot
- black guy chases mexican guy
- hot asian girl with long legs in short dress chases black guy
- black guy catches mexican guy near waste compactors
- crowd of drivers and production people security gather
- pressroom shifty tries to break up fight
- pressroom shifty takes blow to head and goes down
- big strong mailer and pressman (both black) tackle black guy and take him down HARD
- cops arrive while production guys sit on top of black guy
- all drunks handcuffed- need to figure out if security need at least pepper spray and taser they were helpless
- no names from me call your buds at oc to get them

Los Angeles Times Security may need to re-evaluate leaving the South gate open all night at the Times Orange County Facility, appears anyone can walk right onto the property.


Nubia said...

This is a CRACK-UP!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Where's the union????

What are they going to do to stop this?????

Anonymous said...

we ( the union ) are just going to sit back and watch the action like all the rest of you ( and have a good laugh )

Anonymous said...

I will bet my paycheck that my mailer can woop your pressman. Matter a fact that mailer against 3 pressman

Anonymous said...

Just when we need them, the union let's us down!!!!

Just like management... same, same!

Anonymous said...

the supervisor was one who filed fake charges against the union so we let him get the ass kicking he deserved

Anonymous said...

Who is going to keep me safe? I'm so scared now , I can get mugged walking to my car. What will I do ?

Anonymous said...

I thought we were being protected from people just walking in and wondering around on the property....??

I say we form a committee to figure what to do next.

Nubia said...

Stop being 'WOOSIES' Guys! Come on...this was one incident. Are you that frightened?

All you have to do is watch your back...just as you do when you leave your homes for work, the market, the liquor store, etc. "Where's the union?" Are you kidding me? Protect your damn self!

Give me a break! You live in CALIFORNIA! This incident requires no more caution than what one normally does. No area is safe. We ALL live in 'hoodburbia'. Huh Kanani?

Just learn from this incident to be a bit more observant. you can start your Nubia-bashing. Bring it on!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is the punched out shifty did not press charges and every one walked with no arrest. That is why scum can keep doing scumy things. Oh my goodness cant we all just get along kiss and makeup?

grandspud said...

Maybe security will post the closed-circuit video on youtube?

Anonymous said...

the rest of security was too busy writing people tickets for pulling into parking spots backwards

Anonymous said...

Nubia no bashing on my part.... I was simply beinng silly about the situation. Some of the security act like they are protecting the Pentagon..
Charges should have been made on the the thug that hit our employee.
Now the victim let the thug get away with it and the hug will not be held accountable for his actions.

Anonymous said...

"...shifty did not press charges"

what did you expect oc pressroom dont make any body be accountable for what they do

Kanani said...

I think when things get really bad, you just go over to IKEA and have some meatballs.

Eddo said...

Mr. Potato Head - Wonderful, You have been to YouTube - you must have enjoyed the drunken clown video.