Friday, May 30, 2008

Message from Russ Newton SVP Production

As you may know, the parties completed the 27th negotiation session on May 14. In the previous sessions 24 & 25 we achieved tentative agreements on Jury Duty, Arbitration, Funeral Leave and Cafeteria/Vending. However, no tentative agreements were reached in Sessions 26 & 27. In fact, the parties spent two days discussing workdays/hours and overtime. Generally, the Company has proposed controlling its overtime cost and to pay for time actually worked. The union expressed their strong dislike with the Company’s position and ended the day on May 14, 2008, by stating that the union would seek options to “increase their leverage at the table.”

Recently, the attached letter appearing on Teamster letterhead was sent to our advertisers. Apparently, the Union has chosen to address their displeasure at the bargaining table by communicating with LA Times advertisers. This is their right. We are, however, disappointed in the union’s decision and tactics. Nevertheless, we are committed to negotiating in good faith and to achieve the best contract for our business. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for June 16.



Lou Nicosia said...

Dear Nr Newton,

Althought we have never met I know we have at least heard of each other.
This letter is not meant to add fuel to the fire only to try and make a few points worth mentioning.
I am sure it is not the intent of the union to harm the company they work for, that would be counter productive.What they are trying to achieve is to get the company's attention focused back to the bargaining table.
If basic things like bereavment and jury duty can be worked out in a short period of time why cant other things?
This company's actions at the bargaing table are nothing short of deplorable. Their proposals on working conditions and wages are designed to be punitive.

It almost makes it seem as if the company wants to put the workers out of business.
I am sure both sides bargaining in good faith can achieve a working agreement that everyone can live with.I have personally negotiated with these people so I know first hand that things can be worked out.
We negotiated we shook hands and went back to do our jobs. That should be the mutual goal, not how much can be extracted from the other side. When that happens everyone loses. Be fair.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"This company's actions at the bargaing table are nothing short of deplorable."

No sir, you sold the Times pressroom employees a bill of goods, letting them beleive that negoations would start from what they have and you knew better. "Deplorable" is the union misleading the the Times pressroom employees!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou,

When you negotiated, did the Teamsters send an organizer to the table to do battle with the corporate lawyer or did they give you an actual negotiator? Maybe this was the real issue.

Just curious