Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Occasions

I had to tell somebody, so I figured I'd share my week with whomever reads this blog.

I spent some time in Vegas this week to celebrate my Sister/Cousin's birthday. She and her daughter flew in from Birmingham and cousins flew in from New York. It all started Wednesday, May 7th, which was her 52nd birthday.

My niece hasn't seen my girls in 13 years and made it a glorious reunion among themselves. In the meantime, my grandkids had never met their 3rd cousin, and did their thing together as well. My mother joined us and all was good. At 82, she had the time of her life. Not being a gambler, she just enjoyed playing pennies to her hearts content.

There were buffets, dinners, breakfasts, etc. and all enjoyed. Took the grandkids to play in the arcade for an hour and they were in kid heaven! Something I'll not do again in the near future!!!!!!

My cousins and I took in a comedy show featuring George Wallace and I'll not soon forget how my back hurt after all the laughter. He was outstanding, and extremely gracious after the show.

Saturday morning, after some well-deserved adult fun (slots/tables), we departed to the airport to see the family off and return to SoCal. Upon arrival home, I was rushed to prepare to attend the Latin Jazz Festival, which proved to be a fabulous event! Great show!!! It was my first, but by no means will be my last. The artists were AB-FAB and I was thrilled that Andy Garcia made an appearance to play with the orchestra. Even more thrilling was that I got to actually meet him!

Afterwards, we stopped for Mexican food, came home and called it a day. Then today, it was a celebration of Mother's day. Brother-in-law Fred took us to brunch at Almansor Court. It was nice. Mom loves good food and truly enjoyed the variety.

It has truly been a busy week and well worth it!

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Kanani said...

Fun, fun, fun. Everyone looks GREAT!