Friday, May 30, 2008

Tell me it aint so!

Tell me the Union did not send out the letter that is now posted all over work. Tell me the Union is not shooting itself in the foot. Tell me that somehow the letter that the Union sent to the advertisers is somehow a practical joke. Why would the Union select such a method to push an issue that is really none of the advertisers business? As it stands, we don’t need help in losing revenue, the economy is doing a very fine job of addressing the issue by seeing double digit drop’s in AD revenue. I guess I must have thought that the Union had some sort of a brain. I’m sorry; I apologize to all employees on behalf of the Union. I am sorry that the union might cost our company more jobs by selecting to actively protest the hand that feeds our mouth. Way to go Union. Shows how strong your skills are when it comes to negotiating for yourselves. You need to bring the fight to the Advertisers, in order to prove a point! Your point must suck if your negotiations have gone no where and thus out of frustration you take a cheap shot below the belt. Way to go Losers! Tell me this was only a joke.

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