Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twitter Over Capacity

Two weeks ago, as I read Paul Gillins blog regarding Twitter and the integration of the program by newspapers, I thought I should give this program a try for myself. Apparently Mr. Gillin has a large following not only to his blog, but also on Twitter, as the program has experienced problem after problem the past two weeks.

Naturally I’m following Mr. Gillin, but I’m also following several users from the Los Angeles Times, with constant news updates that I assume are posted on Twitter before reaching the online edition of the newspaper.

With the message from Twitter a few minutes ago “Twitter over capacity” it might be time they add some additional servers to their overloaded system, or sell out to Google or Yahoo.

If you have not tried Twitter yet, you may want to wait a few days for the tech’s to solve their problems first.


Paul Gillin said...

Twitter has been experiencing severe indigestion lately, apparently because of its phenomenal success. This isn't unusual. Many established Web properties had early difficulties scaling their operations. Twitter will solve the problem, but it's frustrating some members right now.

Ranganath said...

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