Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nearly 200 arrested at street racing site in Ontario

Two drivers and another person were booked on misdemeanor charges for allegedly racing in an industrial area near Ontario International Airport. Authorities also took 184 spectators into custody.

By Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
4:03 PM PDT, September 28, 2008

Police arrested more than 180 people gathered at an illegal street racing site in an industrial area near Ontario International Airport early this morning, authorities said.

Among those arrested were two drivers and a "flagger," who signals the start of the race, who were booked on misdemeanor charges, given citations and released, said Sgt. David McBride of the Ontario Police Department.

Authorities also picked up 184 spectators who were lining the streets to watch the race. They were given citations for watching the illegal activity. Of the 184, 47 were juveniles who also were cited for violation of the city's 10 p.m. curfew.

Several of the spectators also had cars that were illegally modified for street racing.

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