Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Outsourcing of Security at the Los Angeles Times

Four or five years ago the Los Angeles Times tested out a new security force at the Olympic Facility instead of guards employed by the newspaper, which is located in a very nice part of downtown Los Angeles at 8th and Alameda, the test was a complete disaster and Times security guards were brought back onto the property.

Three days ago Los Angeles Times security was outsourced once again, to the dismay of Times Employees, with another outside concern taking control or really lacking control of the property.

Apparently we didn’t learn our lesson the last time around and are repeating the same mistake by outsourcing security at the newspaper. I’m told the new security force will take control of Times Mirror Square after the first of the year, saving the company a bundle in wages and benefits.

This morning as I pulled up to the security shack I was shocked to see the security guard asleep at the helm, never even moved as the gate opened to allow me onto the property. The men that pulled in thirty minutes behind me reported the same situation, the security guard sound asleep.

In my thirty-six years at the Los Angeles Times I have never witnessed a Times security guard asleep at their station, so this was a new experience, one I don’t care for. Why not save the money on the outside firm and install a moveable metal gate that employees can activate as they near the entrance, would make the property much safer from outsiders then it currently is.

As they say, you get what you pay for.


Wolf said...

With all due respect Ed, I will say that I did catch many of times, our faithful security asleep at the helm. Maybe it's too early when I come in.

Ed Padgett said...


I arrive many hours ahead of you to the Times Olympic Facility, the guards you say were asleep just arrived to work my friend.

Sounds like you don't care for the Times Security Guards, just my opinion.