Friday, October 24, 2008

Rocket Launch in a Few Minutes

My prolific investigative blogger friend Zach Behrens reports of a rocket launch in a few minutes, get your cameras ready and enjoy the spectacular light show.

Here’s what Zach said:

A tipster sends this over about what you might see and hear tonight: "There's a Vandenberg Air Force Base missile launch tonight at 7:28 PM. With south trajectory, should be very visible in and around Los Angeles." The base, located south of San Luis Obispo, is delivering an Italian satellite into space. If you see it, the vapor trails should be good for some photo fodder (hint, hint, join our LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr!)

#UPDATE: Apparently the launch was delayed as my grandson David and I waited almost an hour before retreating back indoors.

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Nubia said...

After all the effort, I missed the show. My loss! DARN!