Thursday, November 06, 2008

My cousins answer to Prop 8.

Is the issue of prop 8 the not being able to carry the "title" Marriage in your life? Or, is it the "benefits" that people don't get because they are not Married?? Someone please answer that one for me, so I can understand why this is such a heated debate? Civil Union to me is = to Traditional marriage for same sex couples. I respect your lifestyle as I currently have 3 gay cousins, and 2 uncles, all whom are openly gay, and if you are of certain cultures, you can assure yourself to be the laughing stock of all family gatherings. I however have viewed them as any of my family members, but the only difference is that they like same sex people. They know my position and my values, and they respect that. I in return respect them and the lifestyle that they have come to accept as they also have the same rights as I do. In a call to one of my cousins this evening, he asked me why his counterparts out here don't stop fighting the church and fight the Federal Government so they would Honor and extend the same benefits to Same Sex couples in States that extend that right? Why not fight that cause? That way you can have the EXACT same benefits without having to wait for Obama to appoint your Judges withing the next few years. Oh wait, Obama opposes same sex better not wait for his Judges. You better get legislation to Change the Federal Law to honor the state benefits.

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