Monday, February 09, 2009

Farewell David Craddock

David Craddock an electro-tech at the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility notified me he was given his walking papers today, said his last day at the newspaper will be April 10th.

David came to the Olympic Facility when the Chatsworth Production Facility was shuttered three years ago, and was known for never saying no to overtime. So it came as a shock to receive his email regarding his departure in two months.

After moving to the morning shift our paths have not crossed as before when I worked the swing shift, so I sorely miss the laughter David and I often shared. I really hit it off with David, and will miss his interesting stories, he reminds me of me, very extroverted.

I’m very sad to hear of David’s departure, as are his colleagues.


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Hey Cuz
I googled your name and here you are. Nice to see you after 20 long years.