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The Charity Volunteer Time Policy provides eligible full-time employees the opportunity to take up to one additional day off (eight hours) per calendar year to perform volunteer service for an approved local charity. This policy is intended to encourage organized department or group volunteer activities. Individual volunteering opportunities will also be considered, but are discouraged in lieu of participation in group efforts.

1. To be eligible for volunteer time off, employees must be full-time, actively at work, and must receive advance written approval from their manager or department head.

2. Volunteer time may be spread over more than one day with manager approval, but may not extend beyond eight hours for any individual employee.

3. Volunteer time is not accrued, has no cash value and will not be paid upon termination of employment. Unused volunteer time in any year will be forfeited at calendar year end.

4. Eligible local charitable organizations are determined by each business unit.

5. Employees wishing to participate are required to provide the following information, via the link on Triblink, prior to volunteer time off:
a. Name of charitable organization
b. Organization contact name and phone #
c. Date(s) volunteer service is to be provided
d. Hours per date (if applicable)
e. Name of approving manager

6. Volunteer time covered by this policy does not count against holidays, sick days or vacation days.

7. Pay for volunteer time does not include any pay other than base salary. No commissions, overtime, shift differential, premium pay or any other additional wages will be paid for volunteer time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an approved charitable organization?

Approved charitable organizations are those that a business unit has determined are eligible for employees to take volunteer time off from work. Generally these would be 501(c)(3) organizations (those to whom contributions are tax-deductible) or those that receive funding or support through organizations like the United Way. Large metropolitan areas usually have hundreds of charities like these.

2. Can the volunteer time off be organized as a group event?

Yes. In fact, that is a goal of this policy - to encourage departments or groups of employees to volunteer together to provide service to a local charitable organization as a team instead of individually.

3. How do I get approval to organize a group volunteer event or to donate my time to a charity?

Check with the charity to determine possible volunteer dates and times, decide which of these would work for your group, and ask your manager or department head for approval to take that time off. This program operates largely on the honor system, so while you will not be required to submit a time sheet signed by a charity representative, you will have to provide basic information about your volunteer service in advance.

4. Will I be paid for the time I take off to volunteer?

Yes, it’s like an additional personal day, but you must perform service at an approved charity for the day. Pay for volunteer time does not include any pay other than base salary.

5. Do I have to donate all eight hours in one day?

You may donate your eight hours in one day or spread them across more than one day; just be sure to have management approval for your group’s time away from work.

6. Will this time be deducted from my pool of vacation or sick time?

No. The hours of service you donate to charity is not part of your vacation or sick time. You have eight hours of time off from work to donate to performing charity work.

7. If I don't use all eight hours this year, can I roll them over to next year?

No. You have eight hours to use within each calendar year.

8. If I volunteer eight hours to a charity on a weekend, can I take a work day off to make up for it under this policy?

No. What you do on your weekends is up to you and is not covered by this policy. If you work second or third shift, you may be eligible to volunteer during normal business hours with an offsetting adjustment to your shift time, but this must be worked out and approved by your manager in advance.

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