Monday, November 23, 2009

Copy Editor's Lament (The Layoff Song)

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Christopher Ave wrote "Copy Editor's Lament (The Layoff Song)" to comment on the newpaper industry's woes, to celebrate copy editors and to recognize that the entire media world is in flux. To learn more about the song and its origins, you can read this excellent Poynter article: . The video was shot by photojournalist Elie Gardner and created by an all-volunteer cast made up mostly of journalists. Thanks to for providing the location.


Christopher Ave said...

Hey Ed, thanks for posting! We had fun doing this no-budget video... though it was also bittersweet, as one of the cast members had in fact been laid off from her journalism job.

Ed Padgett said...

Hi Christopher, the music video is great, we enjoyed watching as muc h as you enjoyed creating.