Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care Haikus

Radio Station WYNC in New York is having fun with the health care plan, making up haikus.
You know, the 5-7-5. I'm also doing this on my Facebook page. Bet you didn't know I could knock out haikus in a minute.
The middle line has to be "This is a big f#$*&( deal!" after what Vice President
Joe Biden said shortly after the bill passed during a press conference.
Here are three I've written to get you started.
Get fatter, smoke more!
This is a big f$*&*( deal!
We'll pay for your sloth

This isn't reform
This is a big f$*&(* deal
Wolves in sheeps clothing

Ten billion dollars
This is a big f$(**& deal
For the IRS

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