Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tribune reminds employees: we're loose!

From: Tribune Communications
Sent: Wed 3/17/2010 12:xx PM
Subject: Message from Randy and Gerry/Our Culture

A little more than two years ago, we blew-up the old Tribune Employee Handbook and replaced it with a new, streamlined version designed to reflect the culture we're trying to build across the company. The new handbook is written in plain English and is less than 15 pages long.

It's also pretty basic. Rule #1 is "Use your best judgment." Rule #2 is "See Rule #1."

The point is...we don't have a lot of rules around here.

But, not everyone has gotten the message. We've heard from employees who say their business unit still has a strict dress code (we don't). Others have told us they can't hire someone because he or she might fail the new employee drug test (we don't drug test unless it's required by law or the person being hired is operating machinery, driving a truck, or handling a lot of cash). Some say they are afraid to speak up or present a wacky idea for fear of retaliation (nothing will squash creativity and innovation faster).

Rather than rules, our culture is defined by a few important principles:

· Focus on the important stuff
· Question authority
· Work together
· Take intelligent risk
· Reward performance
· Do the right thing

A copy of the employee handbook we distributed in the spring of 2008 is attached. It's also posted on TribLink (http://triblink.trb/). Our culture is evolving and you play an important role in helping shape it. We need your energy, your ideas, and your solutions-speak up! We've got to accelerate the pace of change and remove the barriers impeding it...and we can't afford to let up.

Randy and Gerry

SOURCE: Kevin Roderick

Editor's note: Dear Randy Michaels, since the Tribune Company is run so loosely, why do your employees at the Los Angeles Times Operations Departments have to rely on LAObserved to read your messages?

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Kanani said...

Ha ha...funny. I love good satire.