Monday, October 25, 2010

Sebastian Junger On The Role Of Journalists In War

"As someone who has spent a lot of time with soldiers in the field, I understand the very common suspicion – even dislike – that some people in the military harbor for the press. I know that journalists don’t always act well, don’t always care about the subjects of their work and don’t always disencumber themselves from their political opinions while on the job. The military needs the press, however. No society can call itself democratic if the press does not operate freely; a war without journalists is a war where no one is accountable for their mistakes."
Read the rest at: The Sebastian Junger Community.

Update on war photographer Joao Silva: A long time journalist who has covered wars for over twenty years, Silva lost both legs above the knee due to an IED. He was outside of Arghandab when this happen. Flown to Landstuhl, Mr. Silva's wife has been flown in. According to tweets, Mr. Silva had woken up and was coming out of sedation. Prayers and good wishes are appreciated. In addition, three soldiers with him suffered concussions. Prayers are with them and their families as well.

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