Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ronnie Pineda Hospitalized

Ronnie Pineda on the left with Jess De Geytere

Union President of GCC-IBT Local 140-N Ronnie Pineda suffered an apparent heart attack last night, and is resting in the hospital with his wife Diane at his side.

Unable to reach his family at this time for further details, but will let you know as soon as possible regarding Ronnie’s condition.

Send a prayer or two for Ronnie’s speedy recovery.


ed brunner said...

Ronnie god be with you & a speedy recovery. (Ed Brunner & family)

ed brunner said...

Hi Ronnie,sorry to here what happen.Get well soon & GOD be with you.(Ed Brunner&family)

Rudy h said...

Ronnie is doing well ED he took asprine ASAP & went straight too hospital feels better already

Ronnie Pineda said...

Hey Everybody, Thanks for all of the well wishes! I'm home now resting and will be back in action soon! Apparently there is still work to be done and God don't want me up there yet! Yeah, Yeah, I'm being presumtive on where I'll be going but that is my usual optimism. I love you all and consider you all family, so I thank you from the bottom to the top of my still beating heart!
Ronnie Pineda