Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dan Rosandich Cartoonist and Graphic Humorist

Dan can illustrate "custom cartoons" and offer over 3000+ gag cartoons which are categorized by subject matter and can be licensed for a wide variety of applications. Use them in PowerPoint presentations, books, calendars, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, forum index pages, on direct mail pieces, web pages, in email templates, on letterheads, for greeting cards, on t-shirts, for an "email broadcast" or on fax forms etc. Visit and also - I also specialize in offering webmasters and web designers a daily web cartoon which is ideal to keep your visitors coming back each day to see the new gag.
Learn more here: as I can send you the script to use on your web page or email template. You could also use my daily cartoon on your FaceBook profile page.

Email me at dan@danscartoons with any specific questions pertaining to license fees or price quotes.

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Dan said...

I sincerely appreciate your profiling the availability of my cartoons.
If in the future, your union, or any other unions need a specialized custom cartoon created, I will assist! Keep up your great work there.

Dan Rosandich